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Hangar Doors

Welcome to REIDsteel Hangar Doors, specialists in the design and manufacture of hangar doors for some of the biggest aircrafts flying today. You can view a range of doors and systems manufactured by REIDsteel here.

Aircraft Hangar Door from Reid Steel Of an entire aircraft hangar building, it is probably the doors which are used most frequently. We have undertaken the design, manufacture and construction of aircraft hangar doors worldwide since 1920. both for our own and other hangars.
We design, make, ship, erect, change and clad airplane hangar doors of many types, in UK and worldwide. Our Aircraft Doors can be manual or electric in a number of configurations. Our system allows any door to be operated without moving other doors, or they can all be opened together.

Hangar Door Fail safe Opening and Closing System

In our standard REIDsteel design, each door leaf has its own motor, independently driving the ground wheels via a reduction gear box. Each leaf has a fail safe opening and closing pendent system which is controlled by a handheld cable so that the operator is well clear of the door. Electro-mechanical brakes are applied automatically; if the operator should let go of the cable or fall over, the door would immediately stop.

Hangar Enclosed conductor rails

Image of a hangar door mechanism

The hangar doors are of steel framed bolted construction and clad in materials similar to the wall cladding of the hangar, single skin or insulated. The vertical top rollers, two on each door, have sealed roller bearings and run between two full span steel guide rails. There is an enclosed conductor rail running the width of the door opening, and collection of electrical power is achieved by a four wheeled trolley with spring loaded power pick-ups on each door.

Easily pushed or towed if electricity supply fails

In the event of an electricity failure the hangar doors can be declutched and pushed manually or towed, because the low friction sealed ball-bearing system in the ground-wheel hubs make them so easy to move.

Manually operated hangar doors designed to be pushed or towed can be provided where electricity is not available. In fact, they are strongly recommended where the electricity supply is unreliable; our doors open and shut so easily that power is a luxury, not a necessity.

Read our fabric hangar door case study

Sliding folding hangar doors are a useful alternative to Fabric Doors. We can offer doors by other suppliers or to your own specifications.

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