Aircraft Hangar Extensions

Aircraft hangar extensions can be small pods which take up 2m of apron space or larger buildings which occupy up to 18m of the area in front of the existing hangar doors. In carrying out these changes you are advised to liaise closely with the airport operator as the new location and height of the hangar extension may impact on their safeguarding requirements.

Short ‘Pod’ Hangar Extension

These extensions are suitable where the existing aircraft hangar shell can accommodate longer \ wider \ taller aircraft but the current doors are too short for the tail fin.
For example, an old T2 aircraft hangar with 7.5m high doors can be modified to accommodate executive jets (up to 8.6m tall) by the addition of a 2.2m deep extension having 9m high doors.

Longer Hangar Extension

These hangar extensions are most suited to instances where neither the existing hangar door nor the existing aircraft hangar will house the tail of a new taller and longer aircraft. Where this occurs we can construct an aircraft hangar  extension which is high enough and deep enough to house the tail fin and add new aircraft hangar doors to the front of the extension.

Rear Hangar Extension

If the existing hangar door is wide and high enough for your aircraft but the aircraft hangar is too short then you may wish to consider a small ‘glove’ fuselage extension to the rear. This option may require modifications to the existing gable posts or end bracing which will be determined following a site visit.