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Springside Industrial Units, Trinity, Jersey

springside-news01REIDsteel have a history of working in the Channel Islands and were delighted to be given the opportunity to design, fabricate and erect 2 new Industrial buildings in Trinity, Jersey.

We had been involved in the planning and pricing of the project for over 5 years before we were chosen to complete the building envelope and worked with the main contractor, F Nicolson and Sons, architects, J Design and consulting engineers, Ross Gower associates.

REIDsteel were also chosen to construct the 2 structures due to the client owning the original units adjacent to the site supplied by REIDsteel in 2000 and being impressed by the lack of repairs and maintenance needed due to the quality of the building provided.

Working with the client’s team enabled us to design the steel structure to allow a specific floor area and clear height as well as detail in the architectural features of the buildings, near 3m overhangs at the eaves with cantilever tubular struts and floor to roof, brick piers which were to be tied back into the structure.

The interface between cladding and steelwork was detailed and ordered in house from leading UK suppliers to offer a 25 year guarantee of both composite roof panels and double skin wall cladding.

Detailing the cladding in house also give Reidsteel a great advantage to design and supply the glazing and personnel doors. REIDglazing provided powder coated aluminium windows and steel doors with glazed port holes.

All materials were scheduled and shipped logically from our site in Christchurch ensuring our experienced erection team were never held up waiting for materials and could complete both buildings in fewer than 18 weeks much to the satisfaction of the client and the end users who were ready to move in.

In addition to steelwork, cladding, gutters and glazing we were also responsible for applying the intumescent paint to the steel work and providing a fall restraint running line system. Something that allows the end users to access the roof via a lanyard and carry out roof maintainance.