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Another Hangar Tall Tail

1318931646With many planes getting bigger and bigger, some soon outgrow their hangar. However, there is not always the need to build a totally new one – just a new taller tailgate door & housing did the trick when we upgraded a hangar at Bournemouth International Airport to accommodate a Boeing 747-SP which stands nearly a full metre taller than the standard 747.

Friday 30 September 2011 saw the resident 747-SP move into the newly modified hangar at Bournemouth International Airport.

Our original building was designed for FR Aviation to convert VC10s from commercial aircraft into fuel carrying tankers and also had a tailgate door to allow a standard 747 to enter.

1318931619The most recent requirement was to house a 747-SP which is, unfortunately, almost a metre taller than a standard 747. The work involved the replacement of the existing tailgate door & housing with a new taller door complete with new pod framework and insulated panels.

All work was completed in time and the 747-SP entered its new hangar with 250mm to spare.