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Terminal Hangar

Biggin Hill Airport, UK

This 121m span hangar is split into three areas – two of which have to be accessible simultaneously. To achieve this, REIDsteel designed a solution which involved nine slabs (13.4m wide by 9.2m high) on three tracks.

The doors are sheeted in Kingspan microrib profile composite panels manufactured by Kingspan and have a glazed viewing strip by REIDglazing. A particular feature of these hangar doors are the personnel doors which have no threshold to them. REIDsteel service doors for the tug/tow tractor and for deliveries are used within the hangar.

The height of this hangar was limited to 13m by planning conditions, and although the 9.2m tall doors allowed access for most small business jets (such as a Gulfstream V or Global Express) one span was required to take a 12.5m high Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). This was achieved with a tailgate door and more details of this feature are covered in a case study in the section Unusual Doors & Special Features case.

Lufthansa Technik

Maintenance Hangar, Malta

To further expand and develop their company, LTM chose REIDsteel to design and manufacture their new maintenance complex in Malta.

There are 3 hangars in total, and all were built with REIDsteel designed and manufactured bottom rolling, slab-sliding hangar doors with REIDsteel louvres and glazed windows:
Two of the hangars are designed for wide body aircraft, and share 12 doors slabs on 3 tracks (slab width of 15m), providing uninterrupted clear access to each hangar with a 26m clear height throughout.

The third is a narrow body hangar which has a door with 6 slabs on 3 tracks (Slab width of XXm), giving clear entrance of 60m wide, left, right or centre, by 15m clear height. This third hangar has recently been expanded with an extension and new door and you can read more about this in our Replacement Doors and Extensions case studies.

The hangars utilised REIDsteel’s patent Archspan frame design, with REIDsteel
partitioning, cladding, wall vents, insulation and gutters.

By employing REIDsteel, LTM demonstrated that when operating in a world class industry where your future facility is vital to your continued business development and survival; you need to place your confidence and trust in a world class company.

Rizon Jet

Maintenance Hangar & FBO Facility, Biggin Hill, UK

This six slab, three track hangar door is in our 90m clear span hangar.
The door consists of six 15m wide by 9.6m high electrically powered doors, which are operated independently.

This configuration permits 59m to be opened to the left, right or centre at any one time and the clear height of 9.6m will permit the entry of aircraft up to Global Express and BAe 146

The hangar door slabs are clad in Eurobond’s microrib profile composite panels with rockwool cores and the integrated windows are manufactured by REIDglazing in order
to match the portal of our curtain walling which architecturally frame our door. Due to the width of the individual door slabs we have been able to design personnel doors which
have no threshold and can therefore be safely used as escape doors in the event of a fire – something rather unique in hangar doors.

In Addition to the hangar doors, REIDsteel provided the FBO’s main circular automatic entrance door, the frames of which are clad in stainless steel with curved glass sliders. The
two curved stadium doors from the security and customs area of the FBO onto the apron were made by the same supplier.

“Reidsteel & The Civils Contracting partnership has been highly professional and intrinsic to the success of our great turnkey project for Rizon at Biggin Hill. I look forward to working
with you again.”

Jackie Nikolajsen,
General Manager,
Rizon Jet

Commissioned Megadoor

Shannon Airport, Ireland • Luton Airport, UK

These are two hangars built by REIDsteel that feature commissioned

At Shannon Airport a five curtain Megadoor with a width of 76m and a central clear height of 21m was installed into a REIDsteel hangar. Over 1300m2 of fabric door can be lifted by a single button opening in the short space of five minutes.

This MRO hangar is capable of housing B747-400 plane size, and the hangar was built with an adjoining lean-to containing a workshop and office space. It also features a 5m wide by 4m high REIDsteel sectional vehicle door for a tug at the rear.
At Luton Airport the hangar features a three curtain Megadoor with a central clear height of 18m and 10m height for the two side panels. The overall door width is 50m.