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Eznis Airways

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

This 50m clear span hangar was designed for a fleet of two Avro RJ85 and four Saab 340B aircraft. It includes two storey offices, stores and workshops on three sides of the hangar. Outriggers were used because the overall plot size was limited, and with a larger span hangar, the offices would have exceeded the plot boundaries.

There are six bottom rolling slab doors (14.2m high by 8.35m wide) on three tracks. The slabs are clad in microrib and feature thresholdless personnel doors and glazing panels. The centre two door leaves feature small outer doors, behind which is a bespoke inflatable fuselage sealing ring designed for an Avro RJ85. For more information see our Unusual Doors and Special Features section.

REIDsteel were employed by Eznis to deliver a competitively priced Hangar quickly. Eznis had their new fleet of aircraft being delivered before the winter took hold and with no alternative space available to them, the programme was crucial to the project’s success. As usual, Reidsteel did not let them down. We fabricated, designed, and shipped all the steelwork for the hangar and the doors. We also supplied the large Eznis company logo which features on the front and back of the hangar. Supervising all the hangar erection and construction we made sure the job was completed before the winter set in.

TEC International

Equatorial Guinea, Malambo

When the President of Equatorial Guinea required a large hangar for the Presidential Flight in Malabo, REIDsteel were contacted and the resultant
hangar was 88m by 90m by 20m.

Each door slab is 17m high by 11m wide and has its own electric drive motor. The required 88m clear opening was achieved by 11m outriggers on each side having, combined with eight sliding slab doors on 4 tracks.

We also supplied two 4.5m high by 4m wide electrically operated roller shutter vehicle doors, and steel exit doors.

REIDsteel provided the complete building envelope, including design, ancillary buildings, and UK electrics. We produced an economical and well designed building, and the client was amazed by the quick reaction, our can-do attitude and speed of shipment and erection.

Helicopter Hangar

Nouakchott, Mauritania

REIDsteel constructed this 25 wide by 25m wide helicopter hangar with adjoining lean-to offices on either side for Woodside Mauritania.

There are 6.2m outriggers on each side of the doorway, so that the 6.35m wide doors leaves can be rolled back to give the required 25m of clear entry. The hangar doors and personnel doors were manufactured by REIDsteel.

The steelwork was designed and fabricated to accept a 2T overhead crane which spans the full 25m of the hangar.

The client was delighted with not only the structure that was shipped for this construction team to erect but also the services of REIDsteel’s experienced erection supervisors who managed the erection of steel, cladding and installation of the hangar doors.

RNAS Culdrose

Helston, Cornwall

Built to house the Royal Navy’s Merlin search and rescue helicopter. This 2000m2 hangar is unusual in having an identical set of hangar doors at the front and at the back.

The REIDsteel rolling hangar doors have six slabs (7.7m high and 5.47m wide) on three tracks and the hangar has outriggers extending 3.5m beyond the edge of the hangar on both sides to allow a clear opening of 32m.
These door are manual opening and have a ‘cascade’ mechanism where each slab is driven through a cable and gearbox mechanism turned by one large handle. All six slabs operate together, with the two central doors moving three times as fast as the two outer doors, so that all the doors finish opening/closing at the same time.

This hangar and its doors took only twenty five weeks to design, manufacture and erect in spite of high winds and generally wet conditions.

Military Hangars:
We always respect client confidentiality and may withhold some details in our military hangar case studies. If you require a military hangar please contact us.

Island Aeroplanes

Sandown, Isle of Wight

This hangar built at Sandown on the Isle of Wight, was designed to be an aircraft museum. The museum aircraft were flown over from Germany within 3 months of REIDsteel starting on site.

Due to the restrictions on site, a single sided outrigger door was designed so that a complete opening of 19m could be achieved without impacting on the neighbouring land. Unusually, this hangar door was top hung and used four slabs (4.6m high by 4.8m wide) on two tracks.

Bristol Flying Club

Bristol, UK

As a fast growing regional airport, Bristol International Airport needed to expand and create more apron space. Civil engineers BAM Nuttall chose REIDsteel to construct the new steel buildings.

The bottom rolling doors are light enough to be manually operated. By using four slabs (8.4m high x 7.75m wide) on four tracks, only one outrigger was needed to allow for a complete opening without encroaching the space of the neighbouring flying centre. The outrigger extended 7m from the outside edge of the hangar.