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Guide to types of Hangar Door

Tell us: how wide the clear opening of the hangar is; how big the largest aircraft that will use the hangar is; whether there is additional width outside the hangar for outriggers; and we can advise you on the best possible hangar door option. For most types of hangars we recommend either bottom rolling doors or fabric doors, but other door options are available for very small hangars.


Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors

Suitable for medium and large hangars. These are strong & secure, with manual or electric opening.

Doors can be multi slab on multi track for the most flexible opening, or wide slab on fewer tracks. We can also extend existing hangars to incorporate wider, higher doors.

The steelwork can be hot dip galvanised or painted with primer and the doors can be finished in a wide range of cladding options.

Optional Features available:

Fabric Doors

Suitable for medium to large hangars where a full width clear opening is required and there is not space for outriggers. A good choice for paint workshops.

Optional Features available:

  • Vision panels
  • Translucents
  • Personnel doors
  • Translucent fabrics

Top Hung Doors

Suitable only for very small hangars or as vehicle doors. These are light & economical and are usually manual opening. The doors can be finished in a wide range of cladding options.

Optional Features available:

  • Windows
  • Translucents
  • Personnel doors
  • Outriggers

Bi Folding or Concertina Doors

Not recommended other than for very small hangars

Optional Features available:

  • Small windows (bi folding only)
  • Personnel doors (bi folding only)

If you would like to see all the types of doors listed in one place, please click here or click on the following for more specific information.

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